Directing & VFX Art Directing 2016 REEL

Had the chance to gather my most recent Directing & VFX Art Directing work.

Responsible for Directing the "Live Action" and Art Directing the "CGI". (Computer Graphics Imagery)

Avatar Sequels


After overseeing the development of video game trailers for AAA titles such as Starcraft 2, Wolrd of Warcraft and Diablo III, Jonathan joined James Cameron's Avatar Sequels team over at Lightstorm Entertainment.

"To have the chance to collaborate alongside industry legends such as Jonathan Bach, Dylan Cole, Fausto De Martini, Steve Messing, John Park, Joe Pepe and Ben Procter, is a dream come true for me. Not to mention how incredible of an opportunity it is to get to see James Cameron and Jon Landau approaching filmmaking first hand."

The first of four Avatar Sequels is currently expected to be released around 2020. 


Warcraft feature film opening titles

During the production of Blizzard Entertainment & Legendary Pictures' Warcraft feature film, the opportunity to freshen up the Blizzard Entertainment logo for the big screen came up. 

"It was the first time the Blizzard Entertainment logo would be showcased in the context of a moving picture as opposed to a video game, and it seemed creating something with more movement would be appropriate. By using a 3D model of the logo created in ZBrush, I was able to block out some camera moves and develop an ice material to convey my vision, which got the team excited in going with the proposed direction."


Video game commercial

Blizzard Entertainment recently released its third and last chapter of the Starcraft II trilogy expansion pack video game and to celebrate its announcement, the expansion pack was revealed with a state of the art pre-rendered cinematic trailer. Art Directed by Jonathan Berube, the trailer makes the most of PIXAR's rendering engine RenderMan.

" I'm sad to see the franchise coming to an end. It was my favorite universe with in the Blizzard Entertainment portfolio. It was the one franchise that could allow for a more photo-realistic look within the science fiction genre. "

The trailer was well received with a 7 million views on youtube. 

Nike UnBroken


After having the chance to Art Direct many of Blizzard Entertainment's video game trailers, Jonathan decided to carry his aesthetics over the live action medium.

From filming a close friends and fitness up and coming public figure Jonathan Coyle, Jonathan's first attempt at directing live action got a positive respons of over 600K views on youtube.

"After completing so much visual effect work, the transition to live action was rather liberating. To be able to craft shots and lighting in realtime was empowering and acted as an accelerator towards learning. The visual effect process is so laborious, live action felt very refreshing and creative."