Jonathan Berube. Director & VFX Art Director

Jonathan Berube is a Director and VFX Art Director currently based in Hollywood California.

Originally form Quebec CANADA, Jonathan started his creative path with a degree in Classical Animation Filmmaking from Sheridan College Ontario CANADA followed by a formation in Computer Animation from the Quebec Softimage Training Center Cyclone Arts & Technologies. 

After graduation, Jonathan joined Hybride Technologies in Montreal CANADA to work under the Feature Film division where he got his first taste for Digital Matte Painting. 

In 2004, Jonathan joined Blizzard Entertainment’s Cinematic department where he assembled and led the Matte Painting Department. After a few projects as Matte Painting Supervisor, Jonathan moved onto VFX Art Direction to oversee the development of Video Game Trailers for World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and Diablo III. 

From his experience overseeing the visual effects development process of multiple Blizzard Entertainment franchises, Jonathan was appointed as additional VFX Art Director on the Warcraft feature film. 

After twelve years working at Blizzard Entertainment as a VFX Art Director, Jonathan recently joined the team over at Lightstorm Entertainment where he gets to contribute on James Cameron's Avatar Sequels.